Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Teri Ngay Tìrey Na'vi Tskaha/ About Real Life Na'vi Tribe

The Real Life Tribe is a group of people looking to get back in touch 
with nature by giving up the destructive use of modern technologies. 
We are a people that believe in the value of living off the land and 
particularly in a strong communal way of living. Through our actions 
we aspire to show the world the rewards of truly sustainable living and 
that all living things deserve a degree of respect.
Our intentions are to legally purchase a real estate property, on which 
we will be able to form our culture. For meat, we hunt. For fruit or 
vegetables, we either gather or farm. For water, we use natural 
We aim to construct any buildings we may need using only materials 
found onsite, and only using traditional techniques. 
To make the Tribe safe and legal, however, we must compromise in 
certain areas, shown below: 
- Our location must not be more than two hours from the nearest 
emergency services. 
- Due to the multinational nature of our group, we must legally 
immigrate to the host country. 
- There will need to be an emergency centre onsite, constructed of 
sturdy man-made materials, which will house all legal documents and 
communications technology. Our aim is to have this station powered 
by entirely renewable methods. 
Current estimates suggest that the tribe’s trial run will begin in 2013-
14. Much of this time will be spent in either fundraising or training.

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